I finally got around to cracking open my CEHT Single Barrel release. Amidst all the mediocre reviews I found my bottle to be orgasmic and far beyond most of renowned bourbons I have. Which made me remember the deal with the Tornado release in that there are supposedly 2 different dumps. One good, and one not so good. BT in their infinite wisdom, chose to exclude the barrel number, date, etc which makes it hard to prove it's actually a single barrel. However, whilst tipping back the bottle I noticed the all to familiar bottle code. I took a look at my Tornado release and Barrel proof release. Sure enough they all have bottle codes. Not that this is surprising. However, there was discussion a long while back about trying to determine which dump was which on the Tornado release.

Seems reasonable that one would need to compare bottle codes. Same is true for the single barrel release. If anyone had a fantastic bottle or $#!t bottle, we can compare bottle codes and know which ones to hold onto and which to use as cocktail fodder.