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    Arvada, CO checking in

    Hello from Arvada. I have been enjoying Bourbon and Rye fairly exclusively since about '04 or so. Drinking the brown for much long than that but with less respect I guess. My favorite cocktail is a Manhattan and my current go to is Bulleit Rye. Been working on my tasting abilities but since my nose doesn't always work that well it can be challenging. Looking forward to joining in the talk about one of my favorite liquids

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    Re: Arvada, CO checking in

    welcome. looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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    Re: Arvada, CO checking in

    Welcome aboard tyerod, look forward to your contributions.

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    Arvada, CO checking in

    Welcome! There's some great bourbon drinkers in Denver, hopefully you'll get a chance to get together with them (and me too, when I'm out there!) Great bourbon selection available to you, what are your favorite pours? Do you drink any beer?

    I'll echo Squire, look forward to your contributions, and join the chat sometime, it's a good time.

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    Re: Arvada, CO checking in

    I definitly do drink, and brew, beer. I love the level of micro saturation that is here in Denver. Currently the top of my list for the brown liquid leans more toward the Rye side. Bulleit is the house bottle but currently like the Knob Creek, Whistle Pig and Willet I have around. I wish WT didn't screw with their rye since it was my go to back in my early rye days. I was lucky to get a bottle of bourbon and rye from Woodinville from a friend who happened to travel to the Seattle area. I thought the bourbon was OK but really enjoyed the rye. I am looking forward to stopping in there when I'm out that way this summer.

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    Re: Arvada, CO checking in

    Welcome to StraightBourbon, tyerod.

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    Arvada, CO checking in

    Enjoy your time here T!
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