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    Oregon Bourbonians - Good news

    For the Oregon participants, there's some stuff at the OLCC stores that's recently available that's pretty good:

    * Willett 4 year rye - I picked up a bottle, it's delicious.
    * Weller 12 year - Finally! I picked up a couple bottles from Washington before they switched over, and I wasn't sure when I'd get a chance to get more.
    * Rittenhouse BIB
    * 2 cask strength selected single barrels of Four Roses - One selected for The Pope House (112 proof), one for The Rose and Raven (124 proof.) I like the Pope House barrel way more, but they're both excellent. These will definitely console you if you weren't able to score any of the limited release stuff last fall. PM me if you'd like to know which store has these; it's not on the OLCC site.

    I've also been told by a local store to expect a couple Willett single barrels of bourbon around April.
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