Howdy! Texas expat here and I can't believe I just found this place. Yall have an incredible thing going here!

I was actually hoping that I could get some input into a tasting I'm putting together. It's going to be quite a tasting and only 2 bottles of 4 or 5 are down so far.

1. Pappy Van Winkle 15 2011
2. George T Stagg 2011
3. Blanton's
4. Weller 12
5. Four Roses Single Barrel from TPS

Pappy and Stagg are set and Stagg will absolutely be the last. My goal is to bring together higher end bourbons that many people may not get to try but also to get a bit of breadth. The last tasting I put together for the same group was an intro to bourbon with wheated (owa), high rye (ogd bib), rittenhouse bib, and 4 roses sb and for this one i'll again have a mixed group of people as far as their exposure to bourbon goes.

My thought is that blanton's is good to have so that people know what they're getting with it since it's available at so many bars. I want weller 12 just to go up against pappy as another wheated bourbon. And as for 4 Roses, basically I want an excuse to order a couple or a few bottles of single barrel from the other whiskeys that they make.

As I said, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!