Gentleman (and ladies),

A big hello to you all from Balcones. My name is Winston Edwards and I'm the brand ambassador to the distillery. As you can imagine, I'm a whiskey geek and I look forward to participating in discussions about whiskey of all types, especially my favorites: bourbon and rye.

I live in Dallas but my job takes me all over the country so I'm sure I'll be meeting quite a few of you along the way, sharing great pours as we go. (STILL trying to score a taste of VVOF )

I'll do my best to not shamelessly self-promote, but I invite anyone and everyone to query me regarding any topics about the distillery, our products, or whiskey in general.

If there are any Twitter users on here, feel free to follow me @BalconesWinston

Aside from whiskey I also enjoy cigars, craft beer, coffee, BBQ and an array of other subjects that I'm sure plenty of you also dabble in.

What's my favorite bourbon? Four Roses Single Barrel, of course