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    Re: A good rant by Dan Garrison

    Quote Originally Posted by sailor22 View Post
    Captured and created their own yeast? Texas yeast, it must be better.
    We use a variety of yeasts from all over the world.

    Firestone & Robertson did actually harvest a wild Texas yeast for their bourbon. Due out 2014...

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    Re: A good rant by Dan Garrison

    Quote Originally Posted by Balcones Winston View Post
    To be fair, most vodka in the world is rectified GNS
    You're too generous. A more true statement would omit "rectified." Although rectification can mean something as simple as filtering, plenty of vodka goes from tank or tote to bottle, with water to reduce it to proof, and no other processing. I also maintain that the redistillation of commercial GNS does nothing for the end product. It's a gimmick to support a 'made here' claim.

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    Re: A good rant by Dan Garrison

    i was actually in houston last week and had the extreme pleasure to try a couple jiggers of Garrison's Bourbon. awesome stuff and much enjoyed. it had a neat little twist in the flavor - reminded me of bison grass. well done.

    and my only question is when will it be available in California?



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