Hello SB from Cleveland!

Like a lot of others, I was a bourbon fan in college, but mostly with coke or in shots. As I got older I developed a taste for vodka gimlets, until I had a Manhattan with my dad about a year ago. Those reminded me of how much I enjoyed the flavors of bourbon.

I came into a small amount of money thanks to fantasy football this year and told my wife I wanted $150, and the rest could go into the bank. I was going to buy a “good” bottle of bourbon, but I had no idea what to buy. After a couple of Google searches, enter SB…and the bourbon vortex that goes with it. Since then I have been lurking on the boards for a month now anxiously awaiting my account to be validated. I have learned a lot. Especially that one $150 bourbon was not the way to go, but rather to spread that money out over many bottles.

I am lucky that I have a friend that visits the Cincy/N. Kentucky area frequently, so I have been able to pick some 375 ml and 50 ml bottles not available in Ohio. This helped me expand my sampling and collection a bit more efficiently. To date I have ERSB, MM, BT, RR90, Blanton, KC, WR, ETL, FRSB, OF, Larceny, Bookers and Basil Hayden. I have also tried some WTRB. Needless to say I have gone a wee bit over my $150 limit! To date my favorites are FRSB, ERSB and Larceny.

Also, thanks again to SB for this idea, I stumbled upon a thread about barrel aged cocktails. I have also just bottled just under 3L of 14 day barrel aged MM Manhattans. Thanks again to my old man who bought me that barrel 7 years ago that I never knew what to do with…now he wants one!

Thanks to all you guys/gals for your past posts, and I am sure for future posts. I have already learned a lot, and I know there is more to come. If you have any suggestions for other bourbons based I what I have and favorites I would appreciate your thoughts.

I look forward to being part of this great community. Thanks again.