Hello all!

just another newbie here from the Chicago area. Started getting into the juice after being pretty exclusive to beer for several years. On the younger side I suppose at 25 but really enjoying myself so far.

I have tried and enjoyed MM, FRSB, willett 7 yr binnys, WL Weller 12 yr, old grand dad 114, FRSB OBSO binnys, FR OBSK binnys, RHF, and WT Kentucky Spirit. The WL Weller 12 yr and FR SB have been favorites so far. Really liking the binnys FR SB as well just haven't had enough time with them.

Also had the great pleasure of trying William LaRue Weller Antique 2011 at the Publican recently and it was amazing. Looking forward to trying a lot more and talking with all of you. Would love to track down some specialty bottles some day.

Any suggestions from the veterans?