I recently got my mini 2L barrel and have been enjoying barrel aged manhattans.

The juice has been in the barrel about 15 days and is absolutely delicious. As I drink, I have been refilling and tweaking it to taste. The original mix used a 4-1-3 dashes (Jeffersons Rye, Noilly Pratt Rouge, Peychards). As it ages I have put in a touch of Solerno Blood Orange (very small amount), Kicked it up with small amounts of OWA 107 and a little Woodford reserve to round it out a little. I have been doing this along with replenishing the Jeffersons, NP and Peychards as space allows. I gotta say IMHO the barrel aging and the slight modifications have really brought out something special.

I am thinking I will leave it in the barrel another week or two and then bottle in glass and move on to another recipe. I am thinking Negroni's or Aged Margarita's (Tequila and Grand Marnier only). Haven't decided yet. I have to say I am really liking the mini barrel and experimenting with these aged cocktails.

Anyone else playing around with a Mini Barrels? If so any reco's on recipes?