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    Re: Barrel Aging Cocktails at Home. Anyone else doing this?

    Thanks to this thread I ordered a one liter barrel to age Manhattans in. 8 days ago I mixed 750 ml of WT101 with 6 ounces of Noilly Prat Sweet(4:1) and 1 ounce of Angostura Bitters. I tasted it tonight and was surprised at how 'put together' it was. Very smooth with some added smoke and oak in the finish. It was like I had used a much more expensive bourbon to make the Manhattan. I think I will let it go till it has aged 2 weeks and then bottle it. I'm very happy with the the results so far. I would just like to increase the smoke and oak in the finish. I'm really liking what's there.

    Any suggestions for my next aging trial? I'm open to any suggestions, whether you've tried it or just think it would work. How long do you think I should expect to age the next batch? 2 weeks like this one or three because the barrel is not new?
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