As you may have guessed from my board name, I'm a hard-core Redskins fan. In the grand scheme of alcoholic beverages, I'm primarily a beer drinker. I enjoy many styles of beer, and am constantly exploring, and drinking, different styles of American craft beer. That being said, I really, really love bourbon too.

I'm new to the site, but not to bourbon. I am, however, new to higher end and premium bourbons, thanks to a couple of buddies of mine. It happened by accident. I'm one of the main cooks at our tailgate parties. In appreciation for the food I cook, the bourbon guys take good care of me. They introduced me to the world of Pappy Van Winkle, Stagg, Weller, etc. They search high and low to locate hard-to-find bourbons, and are kind enough to share them and educate me on the different styles, flavor profiles, etc.

I hope to learn more about it, and find different bourbons to enjoy. Thanks!