Hello Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. I have been reading this forum for about 8 months, and decided to join a couple of months ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the threads and all the posts. It has been a great learning experience. It is now time for me to get involved, share my experiences, and learn more.

I grew up in Louisville, KY during the 70s and 80s and have been drinking bourbon all of my adult life (ok - some of my non-adult life also)

More recently I have been working to taste as many types and styles of whiskey as I can. As a result, like most of you, I have acquired quite a collection of bottles. My very understanding and indulgent wife recently made the suggestion that since we don't use our dinning room very much, we should convert it to a whiskey room! I'll post pics in the appropriate forum.

I look forward to contributing and participating.