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    Re: Angel's Envy Rye

    Wes Henderson was in town (Houston) today for a barrel selection/blend of AE for a local bar (Poison Girl). I was invited to attend and afterwards, Wes pulled out bottle of the AE Rye. I gotta say - WOW. Very sweet, cotton candy and just unlike any Rye I've ever tried. Maybe more of an after dinner drink, but simple superb. I accused Wes of of buying barrels of rum that were still partially full.

    For shits and grins, we pulled a bottle of Bulleit Rye (same base source) for comparison. The truth was basically no comparison; yes both start at 95% MGP/LDI Rye but the finished product is polar opposite.

    I gotta say I was in the opinion of $70 for LDI rye - you are out of your mind before tasting. After, I'm asking when it will be available at my local liquor store.
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