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    Bourbons from the Same Line: (Blind) Comparative Tastings and Thoughts

    Based on my own recent experience, I strongly recommend that everyone try this: take all of the bourbons from the same brand profile (or even from the same mashbill + distillery) and do a few comparative tastings. Specifically, I recommend that you do this comparative tasting blind. So, for example, take off-the-shelf bottles of Weller Special Reserve, Old Weller Antique 107, and Weller 12 (not sure if W.L. Weller of the BTAC belongs in the conversation, but maybe that too if you have it) and try them blind back-to-back . Take notes, identify differences, and assign ratings for yourself.

    Any blind comparative tasting can be interesting, but the tasting format described above adjusts for mash bill and brand profile, highlighting other factors like age and proof. Most of the time when I drink and compare different whiskey pours, the whiskeys come from different brand profiles and even different distilleries. Most of the judgments I make about them and their defining characteristics (age, proof, etc.), then, are based on conjecture, memory, and extrapolation. Concurrent tastings of everything from the same line removes some of this ambiguity and really exposes what I like. (Do I really like more expensive? How much difference does the extra proof make? How much difference does the extra age make? How much difference does the special barrel selection make? etc.)

    I will post my first try at this below: I lined up (small samples!) the Evan Williams green label, the Evan Williams black label, the Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond white label, and the 2003 Evan Williams Single Barrel.

    Disclaimer: I could not find another thread with this premise, but I would be willing to believe that it exists.
    Disclaimer #2: I don't have the EW 1783 around me, so I could not include it.
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