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    Oklahoma Bourbon Drinkers

    Hey fellow Okies, where in our great state do you find the best supply of bourbon? Restaurant, bar, and store.
    Mine would be:

    Restaurant/Bar: McNellies in OKC. It's not a huge selection by any means, but it beats anywhere else I've been.
    Store: Byron's in OKC
    Well, how can it not be McCormick's, the $7 well bourbon of the finest dive bars? Tastes like kerosene and sadness.

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    Re: Oklahoma Bourbon Drinkers

    As far as a restaurant, I'd say Blackbird in Norman. They have a good selection of bourbon and rye. They also have tons of scotch which makes my father a happy man but I don't drinl much scotch at all. They will do flights for tasting as well. Plus, the food is very good. Abner's in Norman (same group as McNellies) has a decent selection of bourbons but their thing is obviously beer. Have a date night coming up in OKC, so we are probably hitting Red Prime or Cheevers...I'm interested to see what they have at those respective places.

    The Spirit Shop in Norman has a good selection and the employees are knowledgeable about all kinds of stuff. The Cellar in Norman has a few more things, but is like a big box store. I haven't been to Byrons since I really got into bourbon so I am looking to make a trip there soon.

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    Re: Oklahoma Bourbon Drinkers

    I would also suggest: Sam's Warehouse Liquors (NW 63rd and N. May), which can best Byron's on most prices; Sooner Wine (S. May, picked up EC18 for $34 last week, as well as Old Forester Bonded, and Old Forester 86 with old paper label); Pancho's, NW Expressway (had Dickel Rye very early, before the other stores, I think); and Grand Cru (Britton and N. May), which is more expensive, but hey, they have Old Forester BB 2012 and EC20. BTW, this is my first post, but I couldn't resist offering help.
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