CC has been releasing new iterations and/or packagings. Apart from the spiced 57, there is a 12 year old Small Batch in a squarish, sort of KC-looking bottle, a sherry-finished one in the same kind of bottle, and now Canadian Club Reserve, aged 9 years. This bottle is somewhat like the Jim Beam bottle.

I would think these are intended to replace the earlier 12 year old Classic in the beveled bottle, the previous sherry-finished CC in the clear bottle and the 10 year old CC. The reason I think the subject whisky is the new CC 10 is it is just one year younger and also, the side label states it has a high percentage of "rye malt" "to achieve a fuller, firmer flavour". The 10 was said by some also to contain a higher percent of flavouring whisky in its make-up, 30% apparently.

Well, the newbie meets the claims on the label and is silky and soft to boot. I prefer it in fact to the 10, which never seemed that distinctive to me. It doesn't taste "straight" like Masterson's or even Alberta Dark Horse, but just deeper and richer than any other CC I can recall even the older ones. Excellent effort and very well-priced at some $27.00 or so.