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Lifted from an online sellers spiel on the WT8 export. The bold highlight is mine...

Damn tricksy them Russell boys. Had me hoodwinked for years! WT8 export is a wheater!

I was gutted when the WT8 export became unavailable here in Oz. It is apparently not available via duty free channels here now either. Echoing another poster the 8 year has a sweetness that holds it's own against the typical Turkey spice and actually comes out on top with notes of brown sugar and caramel. The thing I miss the most about this bottling is a butteryness that you get through the mouthfeel. It's a whiskey you can chew on.

I've seen it posted here many times that the US market 8YO of yesteryear leaves the export in its dust. That Turkey once produced such a quality in their mass market flagship is both astounding and saddening in how far they have fallen with the 101 NAS.
Don't know about the wheater bit but I've got a dusty 8 sitting in the cabinet that I picked up at an estate sale for $4 a few years back. May have to crack that baby this afternoon, since I just won two meatball and Italian beef sandwiches in red sauce for lunch. Could be my lucky day!