Haha! Yeah, I saw some of the other previous posts. My name is Rex and I am from the Northern part of Indiana. The closest large town to me is Fort Wayne. I am a little new to the bourbon scene but have been spoiled already.

My favorite bourbon is Pappy Van Winkle and Rock Hill. Although the local store has stated price gouging the 12 year after I called one day to put a hold on a case for a group buy. Which really sucks because nobody around here knows how fantastic it is and I am literally the only one who has bought it in 5 years it has been on the shelf.

I am hoping to find some more favorites and recommendations from you guys though. I plan on expanding my palate. I am also a huge cigar smoker and often pair the two which can sometimes work great or actually have the opposite effect.
I will hopefully be seeing more of you guys in the future and I will look forward to making some new friends.

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