I was following some proposed changes in this years legislation in our state concerning distillers and making the state more craft beer friendly. Texas laws can be found here - http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/laws/code_and_rules.asp

In doing so, I read through our existing laws and and found a few things of interest:

-unless you are in a downtown "central business district" that has passed rules preventing it or on public school ground, openly consuming alcohol in public in allowed. Only these business districts areas that have clear boundaries can prohibit drinking in public. We have a very popular river tubing area that the local city council tried to ban alcohol on the river. They were stopped by the state. They then changed the law to ban disposable containers; so now you can float with a keg but not a can.

-Texas is a three tier state. As with other 3 tiers systems, the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer are prohibited from any overlapping ownership - with one exception - that if the business existed and were permitted prior to 8/24/1935. In Texas, Glazer's, a wholesaler, has been in business prior to this and I think this exception was written for them.

-No package store (retailer) may be owned by a corporation, unless that store was owned by such prior to 4/28/1995.

-Also, no individual may own more than 5 stores unless they held these prior to 5/01/1949.

-a bar/restaurant may not substitute one brand of alcoholic beverage requested by the customer for another without prior authorization.

-rebates and/or coupons offered by manufacturers are prohibited

-as of 9/2011, personal importation of spirits and beer collection for those moving into the state is allowed. Wine was already allowed.