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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Wow. I would buy all the RHF I could find at $45. The least I have ever paid for it was $50, but usually it's $55-60, if I can even find it.

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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Quote Originally Posted by black mamba View Post
    Suntour, I think you need a pretty decent palate to taste even side-by-side and find much difference in ETL and AAA10yr. The flavor profiles are almost exactly the same, with the ETL having that extra something that is hard to put words to. I would not be surprised at all to find out that AAA10 yr is just the barrels NOT picked for ETL, mingled and bottled at the same age. They are that close.
    I think you hit it. ETL seems a little richer to me but the AAA is a marvelous daily pour. It is probably revealing of a bourbonista's psychology, but I tend to buy ETL when I see it just because it is so hard to come by in my state. On the other hand, I buy AAA by the handle every time I am in KY.
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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Thought I'd revisit this thread with the new ETL hitting the shelves this month. I thought about it yesterday, ETL vs Blantons, both are now 93 proof, single barrel, NAS, same mash bill... So what IS the difference? I actually googled, "What is the difference between Elmer T Lee and Blantons" and this thread was the first search result... Maybe where they are stored? That's the main difference between Blantons and RHF (plus a slight difference in proof).

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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Yup, RHF, ETL and Blanton's are more alike than dissimilar. That mash bill yeast and warehouse combination must be right in my wheelhouse because I find the juice very much to my taste. The current standard shelf offerings of all three taste younger and a click thinner/hotter than the older ones but all three have the potential of being especially delicious whiskeys if picked as single barrels by discerning palates. The Blanton's "Paris by Day" that was bottled last fall for a retailer in Paris was a very good pour and some of the ETL single barrel picks I have tasted have been likewise delicious. JMHO - YMMV.

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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Elmer T Lee is so good that I would name a child after it. The fact that it shares a large portions of my grandfathers name means that there is a solid chance it might happen someday.
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    Re: Elmer T. Lee SB, Jeffersons PR SB, Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms?

    Lately I've noticed most of the BT bourbons do indeed have a similarity, and one that I'm not crazy about. There seems to be a strong wood bitter and char characteristic that for me throws things out of balance. I recently noticed it after I opened a bottle of ETL that just didn't seem up to par. Granted, its a single barrel so there are going to be variations. But that bitter wood and char note is something I've also noticed a lot in BT and ER; also in Stagg Jr and WLR but since those are unfiltered barrel strength and so complex, the note blends in alright. . This could all be my palate, but its just something that I'd never really picked up on in bottlings from say- a year or two ago.



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