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    Bulleit v. Masterson's

    I am a realtive newb to whiskey, and i just recently was introduced to Masterson's by my local pub. I loved it. BUT, other people I talk to, including the bartender who served it to me, say that Bulleit is better.
    Well, how can it not be McCormick's, the $7 well bourbon of the finest dive bars? Tastes like kerosene and sadness.

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    Re: Bulleit v. Masterson's

    I assume they are comparing Bulleit Rye to Masterson's Rye?

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    Re: Bulleit v. Masterson's

    Borchard your barkeep was being entirely subjective in his comment. What does he mean by 'better'? The two whiskys, one American and one Canadian, are very different styles which may appeal to different palates but there's certainly no quality difference which would justify calling one better than the other.

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    Re: Bulleit v. Masterson's

    Bulleit is 95% rye, 5% barley malt. Masterson's is said to be 100% unmalted rye. I haven't yet tried Masterson's, but I'm not a fan of Bulleit, especially considering its $35 price tag around here.

    More traditional American straight ryes use corn in the mash, like JB Rye, Sazerac, Rittenhouse, etc. Bulleit is made at the same distillery that supplies almost all of the young CS Willet ryes on the market, except Willet's bottlings are non-chill filtered and barrel proof; much more bang for your buck there, IMO.
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    Re: Bulleit v. Masterson's

    Bulleit comes in around $22 consistently around here. It has enjoyed a long run as the house rye here. I haven't tried Masterson's but if its anything like Alberta Springs I'll put up a couple of bottles.

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    Re: Bulleit v. Masterson's

    I had the Masterson and I like it. Have not had the Bulleit.
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