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    Re: 1 year till prohibition, what would you stockpile?

    Quote Originally Posted by wmpevans View Post
    Cases of OWA, 4R OBSK and OESO, OGD 114, Ritt BIB, and as much GTS and WLW as I could find. I'ld have to stock up on several cases of rum also.
    You and I appear to have similar tastes in whiskey!

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    Re: 1 year till prohibition, what would you stockpile?

    I'm one of those few who can admit, 'I'm pretty well set in case of prohibition.' That's just the way I operate. With my home bunker and bunkers in Ohio and California, yeah, I'm prepared.

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    Re: 1 year till prohibition, what would you stockpile?

    A warehouse in Canada full of top-shelfers for me and bottom-shelfers to send down in submarines for discreet sales up and down the East Coast.

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    Re: 1 year till prohibition, what would you stockpile?

    My current "bunker" is a shelf of Ritt 101 and OWA which I buy in bulk for convenience, so I would probably start by stockpiling more of these. BT is the volume leader in our house, so my next step would be buying up as much of that as I could while it was still readily available. Then I would pick up 2-3 bottles each of 4RSB, Elmer T Lee, Bookers, Blantons, and EWSB.

    Larceny is a current favorite, but goes to the end of the priority line because I just don't have the same history with it as the others. I would still try to grab a case or two.



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