My wife and I have done the Bourbon Trail twice. I have asked about where the different distillers make the cut between the heads and hearts and the hearts and tails. In response I get a short lecture to the effect that the heads are methanol and they'll kill you; the tails have a nasty, bitter taste so they're left out. Okay. I get it. But it seems to me that where they make the cuts has to effect the flavor profile they are trying to achieve. I'd like to hear a tour guide say, "Alcohol boils at 173F and we make the cut at ___ F because we prefer the congeners that come off in that range. And we cut the tails at ___ because we like a little bite but want to retain the sweetness that our customers love so much."
Freddie at BT is our favorite guide and even he answers with the usual boiler plate.
Do any of you SBers know where they make the cuts at 4R or HH or BT?