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    Re: Cutting those heads and tails

    Some try to stretch the hearts by cutting early into the heads and late into the tails to get more marketable product, but we think that adversely impacts the overall product, even after aged, so we try not to get many, if at all. Sailor is correct that some may add complexity if aged properly.

    Thanks, Peter. What I hear you say is that you prefer to emphasize quality over quantity and, I infer, cheaper whiskey tends to have more of the heads and tails. Your practice is to "not get many, if at all." Do you know of any colleagues/competitors who choose to reach into the heads and tails because they believe that there are desirable qualities found in them; i.e., not just a matter of stretching the production a little? A certain amount of creative judgment must be involved if it is done by taste. We know how variable that can be. (Read any post on this site.)
    And I really do appreciate you willingness to share your professional expertize. SB.com seems to lean heavily towards bourbon consumers who can get quite geeky at times. Not that I'm in that category, of course.
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    Re: Cutting those heads and tails

    it leaves a ton of heads and tail in the product. that is why it tastes so good.

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    Re: Cutting those heads and tails

    Do you need to cut heads and tails on a pot still for a second or third distillation or is it only with the mash? I'm thinking of A Smith Bowman. If they get a white dog from BT that has already been distilled twice, why would they need to cut heads and tails?



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