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    Sample size options

    I noted on Master of Malt that they offer 3 cl (1 oz) samples.


    They do ship to the US and this may be one way of obtaining some rare tastes at a reasonable price + shipping cost.

    I wish this option was offered more widely by US distillers....instead of 1 oz...maybe a smaller bottle - 5 oz etc.

    As a test, I fake "ordered" 5 samples...total 38.34...shipping 27.08...total 65.42.
    When I added more samples..10 total...$99..the shipping cost was essentially the same...$28 More is definitely better.
    Hmm, maybe I will place that order.

    So, shipping is not cheap but it does offer a way to "try before buying" and maybe
    sampling some hard to find whiskys. I think this would benefit "Whiskey Clubs" especially.
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