This afternoon I sloshed 2-3 ounces of Jim Beam rye over a fist full of ice cubes in a tall water glass and filled it with Reed's Extra Ginger Beer. That left me with a couple of inches of the ginger beer.

About half-way through my drink I dumped in the rest of the ginger beer and threw in some fresh ice cubes. That made the rest of the drink too weak.

The JB was way on the other side of the house, but Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 y/o was practically at hand. I wavered momentarily, and then I grabbed the VW and poured in a mighty slosh. The dark color cascaded toward the bottom of the glass.

I took a sip. It was a much better drink then the original with all JB. The Van Winkle taste came shining through. I'm not about to say that I would give blanket approval to the practice of mixing VWFR with ginger beer, but it does make a superior drink.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield