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Agreed also. I just pray to the bourbon gods that Beam uses substandard juice to blend with their cherry swill. I would hate to think that some of the bourbon used for Red Stag could have become a Beam Black or Knob Creek. Evan Williams cherry is just as awful but it is actually not blended with bourbon. HH uses american whiskey beause it talks about "grain neutral spirits" being a large percentage on the label. Again it is awful but at least they ruining less bourbon.
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I have to feel certain that Beam uses their substandard barrels for making Red Stag. For what it's worth, I actually thought it was ok when I tried it. Obviously not something I would drink often, but on ice for a change of pace it wasn't bad.
Come on now guys (I'll assume guys ). Being a discussion board, speculation happens on SB here but the notion that Red Stag is batched from a big dump of substandard barrels...I'll politiely call nonsense. Stag is labeled straight bourbon whiskey. Beam represents that it is 4 years old and the same whiskey as the White label. It is going to be the same distillate that will be Black or KC or Bookers. The barrels are dumped to obtain a consistent taste profile before the infusion and from common sense, how you going to do that with a whole batch of substandard barrels. If they even do a separate dump for Red Stag (I doubt but who knows) it would have the same amount of substandard barrels as for any dump...just enough to be hidden by all the standard ones.

Nothing wrong with disparaging Red Stag, as this is a discussion board , but hopefully the more they sell the more capital they have to put out what we want.

And someday I can tell you a story about what not to do with a bottle of Red Stag but have to hold off for now .