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    Lightbulb Spiced peaches w/ OWA chaser vs. reverse

    I'm having coughing fits and runny nose/scratchy throat, and immediately turned to OWA, my go-to pour in emergencies like this. Then it occurred to me to try some of the spiced peaches I got at the store recently. A little experiment ensued-- try a sip of OWA, then a bite of peach. rinse and repeat... then try reversing the order, rinse and repeat... I'm feeling better, and it shuts the cough off long enough to pour another OWA. I'll put off experimenting with peach/bourbon mixes for another time. Meanwhile, focusing on getting good and Well(er).

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    Re: Spiced peaches w/ OWA chaser vs. reverse

    Peach flavors go very well with Bourbon, one might say they are a natural match.



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