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    Evolution of Bourbon Tasting with Bernie Lubbers

    Just found the Bourbon Trail Explorer website and podcasts last week. The podcasts are basically an informal bourbon tasting. Episodes 4 & 5 include Bernie Lubbers discussing the evolution of bourbon. May be similar to what you would hear at his tasting or dinner.


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    Re: Evolution of Bourbon Tasting with Bernie Lubbers

    Quote Originally Posted by petrel800 View Post
    My wife and I along with another couple plan on attending the dinner.
    If I wasn't already booked on Tuesday I would be there. Arianne is a great bartender and I have liked everything I have had from the kitchen at 7 Lamps.

    Will have to make do with the tasting at Tower on Wednesday instead.
    That yella whiskey runnin' down my throat like honey dew vine water and I took another slash…

    Nullum Gratuitum Prandium
    Ne Illegitimi Carborundum



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