Returned from a little trip down to the coast with some friends and it was a great time, but a bit of a selection wasteland at the two stores the wife tried. Granted we were in Savnnah suburbs (Richmond Hill) but she came up empty on my list, wasn't exactly exotic stuff a lot of BiB, Rittenhouse Rye, some OGD114 if they happened to have leftover from the holidays, even a Dickel 12 that I figured would be last resort. Not a one in stock.

So, anyone from around the Savannah/Richmond Hill/Darien area have a shop to recommend. Not looking to steal the dustys but I'm in the area a fair amount during the warmer months and would like to not have to import every time.

Thankfully I brought down a bottle of OGD114 and WSR to keep my happy, but the last day I was sweating it.