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Ok, am I missing a section of tasting notes and comparison

It's like a good story telling set up then its over? haha

When I made the post, I hadn't finished the tasting yet (and am happy to report that the olfactory did improve - although never got fully up to speed). Here are my notes with the giant disclaimer: Georgia pollen wreaks havoc with the sense of smell (at least mine!) - but oddly enough it doesn't impact all taste sensors the same way. For example, I still picked up some dried fruit, chocolate notes - but almost NO vanilla. My "nosing" notes were basically worthless, but what follows were my general impressions on the color/taste - with the caveat that I wasn't picking up certain flavors (which certainly would influence the overall impression). I tasted them in the order listed (which is in the order of the numbers on the lids).

#1 (Bookers) Lightest in color of the four (probably means this is the youngest of the bunch?) Taste a bit of caramel toffee with notes of oak (no vanilla); slight edge/bite to it.

#2 (WTRRSB) Only slightly darker in color than Bookers - knowing the proof is 110 if this was in a bottle I'd expect it to be around 4 years old. Bit heavier mouthfeel than Bookers - more of a chewy, fruity sweetness going on with raisins and a bit of chocolate.

#3 (GTS) Darker with more red than WTRRSB (maybe in the 6-8 year range?) More of a molasses type sweetness (again, no vanilla and virtually no caramel?) Bit hotter than the first two, but more sweet going on. Probably would pick over WTRRSB, but not by a wide margin (at this proof).

#4 (EC12BP) Darkest of the bunch by a lot - lovely color, and just slightly cloudy (based on experience, I'm 95% positive this was the EC12BP) At this proof, still amazing - and head/shoulders the best of the bunch. I get chocolate and black cherry, and while it feels warmer it doesn't have the sharpness or bite as some of the others.

When I consider that the EC12BP was the LEAST EXPENSIVE of this group, I think it really highlights the value. Even the WTRRSB was slightly less coin than Bookers, but at this proof was definitely better. While GTS has been one of my all-time favorites, this EC12BP may take that place (and at almost half the price - not mad about that!) I'm anxious to do a side by side of those at bottle proof (134.2 vs 141.4), and maybe even bringing them both down to a level that isn't too diluted (maybe 125 or 130). 110 is lower than I typically would dilute either of these to when I'm just enjoying a dram. The color of the EC12BP will give it away, so I may need to be actually blindfolded for that one! But I'm thinking the extra age on it will put it above the Stagg. Although, with some incapacitation of the senses, it may be that GTS has a lot more vanilla/caramel than EC12BP (and when up to snuff - it is a whole new ballgame). Either way, had a lot of fun!