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    How long before an open bottle goes bad?

    Is it me or that so many threads today have a lot of humor but also contains a lot of good info. Hahaha.

    I am hoping my bourbon doesn't outlast me! I'm going to drink them all even on my last day or at least all the open ones.

    Some I have found to "open up" over time but that heavily depends on which. Also, how long is a factor, if we are talking decades I won't know but I have open 40-50 year old bottle that has shown signed of evaporation or cork compromised and tasted great. Most of my bottle doesn't stay open for unreasonably long time, like years.


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    Re: How long before an open bottle goes bad?

    I just polished off a bottle of Vintage 17 that has been near empty for some time. The remaining whiskey was as good or better than I remembered. If you're finishing the bottles within a year or so, you're probably fine. The low bottles of Scotch that sat around for 30 years probably lost a lot of their alcohol content to the air in the bottle. Unless you plan to let your bottles sit around that long, I wouldn't worry about it.

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