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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Spring 2013

    I saddled up to the bar and decided to become familiar with Whistlepig 111; I am glad I bought a well-priced dram and not an overpriced bottle. To me, the WP111 came off as a bit astringent and the 100% rye mash bill of this thing seemed boring compared to other whisk(e)ys in this price range. While I have not done a side-by-side with the WP10, my memory says despite the lower proof, I probably like it more as it lacks some of the more tannic qualities. Is Whistlepig 111 bad? No. Is Whistlepig 111 good? No.

    All of this said, I think I am just starting to find the super-high-rye mash bills tiresome. As I was telling another member, the 100% Albertas and 95% LDIs just seem to lack the complexity that I get from something with even a little bit of corn in it. Take the High West 16 for instance, that 10% corn and bit of extra malt really added depth and nuance that made it special, while still being very spicy.

    The pitch about 95%-100% rye being super awesome is something I am not buying anymore (figuratively and literally). I think it is really a way for a few places to take advantage of market supply constraints and sell whiskey, originally destined as a flavoring ingredient, as a premium product at a premium price.
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