I built a fire today because it is still winter in Ohio never mind what the calendar says. Had a couple nice pours of VOB and noticed, for like the seventy eleventh time, that the neck band said it was "hand crafted." I have been to the distillery so I was wondering what in the world "hand crafted" meant. Let me say up front: I DON'T CARE! The important thing is that VOB is pretty good. Not as good as AAA in my opinion, but still pretty good. But there is all sorts of bourbon BS out there. Who invented Kentucky bourbon? Might have been Evan Williams. Or was it Elijah Craig? Maybe Old Mr. Crow because he's responsible for sour mash? All of the distillers have "back stories" that are mostly just stories. Like that stuff about the guy stealing from the really good barrels that were presursors to Larceny.
So, what is your favorite story (lie or not) about your favorite bourbon?