Enough of this bourgeois snobbery. I think most, if not all would agree that Old Rip Van Winkle, Brooker's, Blanton's and their ilk are fine Bourbons. Accounting for taste, I have had few poorly made whiskeys of upwards of $50.00/bottle. Let's hear some real debate on value whiskey.

Setting the limit low (under $20.00), let's hear your top five. In no particular order, here are mine:

1. Wild Turkey 101.
2. Evan Williams, 7 y.o.
3. Four Roses (Perhaps the best whiskey out there for the price. Too bad it's only available in KY & IN.)
4. Jim Beam Black, 7 y.o. (Sadly, I never did get to try the eight y.o. I have heard from various folks that it was a great bang for the buck.)
5. Ancient Ancient Age, 10 y.o.

J. Kiiha