I posted this question on one of my favorite blogs the other day:
I'm in my local store last Saturday, standing by another customer and a store clerk. The customer says, "I really am interested in knowing the distilleries and source of the whiskey I buy." The clerk proceeds to tell the customer that Bulleit makes great whiskey at their distillery and is part of Brown-Forman. Futhermore the clerk states Woodford Reserve is sourced and not made at their own distillery.

Question: Do you chime in to clear up the mis-statements and potentially lose a sale for the clerk?

The answer was really insightful:
"As for correcting ignorant strangers, that particular good deed almost never goes unpunished. Also, consider that they don't know who you are, so objectively they have no way of knowing who's right and who's wrong. Bite your tongue and walk away, or start a blog." http://chuckcowdery.blogspot.com/201...manns-rye.html

I hope he doesnt mind if I reprint his answer here, but it was so good I thought to share it with everyone.

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