As I was perusing through the bourbon's of a store in Roswell, a store employee, probably 50ish, came over and started talking to me about certain products that they had received recently and asked me what I preferred. He started to suggest certain bottles, so I gave him my opinion about some of the pricing vs. my enjoyment factor with which I had issues (Hudson's, BTEC, etc). After he had listened, actually listened, he determined that I wasn't in there to grab a handle and 2-liters of Coke(not knocking anyone's preference...too badly). What was surprising is that he started asking me questions, such as: If a customer likes Bourbon X but not the price, what other brand could I recommend that would be similar?, Why did we get all this Templeton Rye(he really asked, they had a lot), et al. I had a nice conversation with him, although my wife was curious as to what took so long getting home. As a bonus, he asked me for my name and number to put on their PVW call list.