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    Re: Liquor store etiquette

    Quote Originally Posted by P&MLiquorsEric View Post
    When diagio sends reps for tasting, with few exceptions, the girl is not there to spread knowledge.
    Quote Originally Posted by gatsby View Post
    I understand that, she's there to advertise and sell a product. I would, however, still expect her to know about the product she's selling whether she's sharing the knowledge or not.
    They generally know what they have been told and little more. Sure, there are exceptions but not that many.

    Now think about that same type of rep pedaling pharmaceuticals to your doctor...

    They were always worth a laugh or two!
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    Re: Liquor store etiquette

    I've heard it said "you should ask him, he knows a lot more about bourbon than I do". Of course I have my likes and dislikes. I always suggest OWA to someone who is getting started.



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