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    Re: 3/21 - Wall Street Journal Page A8 - Over Price Pappy WSJ Ad

    Hopefully the future story will get something correct.
    Everytime I read one of these bourbon reports it's like they don't know what they are talking about.

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    Re: 3/21 - Wall Street Journal Page A8 - Over Price Pappy WSJ Ad

    Maybe it will actually depress demand since hipsters (i mean people) will say "heck, I can't afford Pappy at $700! oh we'll, guess I'll stick with makers 84..." Wishful thinking on my part.

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    Re: 3/21 - Wall Street Journal Page A8 - Over Price Pappy WSJ Ad

    Some fair use excerpts:

    "As it happened, I did. A lot. But then, it wasn't necessarily the deeply wooded, ineffably mellow taste of the whiskey that I had been after; it was the distinction of having bagged the white rhino of American spirits. In this, I was like a whole body of bourbon customers these days, ambitious souls more than willing to pay hundreds of dollars on the black market for the rarest and most prestigious brands of bourbon. On eBay, which doesn't allow the sale of alcoholic beverages (except for preapproved sales of wine), bottles selling for serious money are advertised as empty (wink, wink). Pappy 23-year-old is only the most sought-after of the lot; other bourbons, like Black Maple Hill and Eagle Rare (not to mention Pappy 20- and 15-year-old) are almost as coveted. Despite being sold for $600 or even $700 on the Internet, the 23-year-old Van Winkle isn't even the most expensive bourbon to be found on the open market: A Brooklyn, N.Y., whiskey bar and restaurant, Char No. 4, sells 24-year-old Martin Mill at an astounding $100 per ounce."

    "And what of the $700 Pappy? Is it worth it? I asked Julian Van Winkle what he thought. The king of bourbon laughed. "If they're dumb enough to pay that much," he said, "that's their prerogative.""

    Sort of says it all.



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