I just read the thread "getting started" and while I appreciate all the suggestions, I'd like some specifics for the first round of comparisons I have available. I went to Spec's in El Paso recently to get the selections not available in Las Cruces, NM. My inventory to date: OWA, WLW12, BT, ER, OGD86 (114 NA), and DonQuixote. The Don Quixote is a New Mexico product made from blue corn. A NM gimmick that is selling, btw. I'd still like to get a bottle of 4R 1B, but have to go back to ELP to get it. For starters, I have tried 1/2 oz. samples of each and am not disappointed with any of the selection, thanks to the recommendations of the guys here. OK, to learn how to make a meaningful taste evaluation: I see the importance of comparing apples to apples, wheat to wheat, rye-rye. I like Weller wheat so far, but appreciate the other bottles I have too, even the bottom shelf OGD. I also see the marked difference between OWA and WLW12. The OWA has a sweeter, more caramely aroma than the woodier WLW12. I just don't know enough about the other bottles to arrange them in order of increasing rye or barley, or whatever meaningful way, like I would a wine tasting of sweet vs dry reds, etc. To begin with, is it better to get to know the difference between different mashbill types, or to get to know one mashbill type more fully by comparing the intricacies of kindred pours? I'm going to enjoy this either way; just asking... On another note, I sure wish there were other bourbon enthusiasts to compare inventories with in my part of the country.