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    Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    We will be in that area and am curious to know if there are any good stores. In North Alabama, we only have very basic choices on the shelves, the ABC stores have the best pricing and selection. Any suggestions? TIA, Bradley

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    Been going to Destin / Ft Walton several years now. Probably a little out of your way coming from NA but I usually stop in Tallahassee on the way down. Market Square on Timberlane usually has a private bottling or two. I haven't found anything in Destin that I can't find here. There's a decent cigar store out by Bass Pro if you're so inclined.
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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    We stayed in a condo on the beach in Destin a few years ago, and I had a hell of a time trying to find any interesting bourbon to drink. What's up with all the Ukrainian women working in the area there?

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    Florida has almost as good a selection as KY. And most of the Albertsons grocery store have a liquor store as well, and they have a good selection of all spirits. There may be one in Destin, but you can go through Pensacola. One out by the mall and hospital.

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    If your route takes you near Tallahassee be sure and check out Market Square Liquors at the intersection of I-10 and US27 in the Market Square Shopping Center. They have a great selection of Bourbon and Scotch along with some really excellent barrel picks. Prices are mostly fair. Florida is more expensive than Alabama because of the 3 tier system. There is a bar right next door that stocks nearly everything that is for sale in the store that you can sample and buy by the drink. BTW - they have all the Pappy's, BTAC's and most the Taylors available by the drink also. Might help making a decision on how to allocate funds.

    ABC stores in Florida aren't government stores despite the unfortunate name. They are a state wide chain and the larger ones can have a good selection. There are probably one or two of those in the Destin area.

    Along With Albertson's, Winn Dixie Supermarkets often have liquor stores next door.

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    As do some Publix grocery stores.

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have looked at the store next to Publix at Watercolor, where we are staying. It has some nice selections compared to my hometown. It can be my fallback for now. Don't know that I could get to Tallahassee this trip, but that store sounds fantastic. Best, Bradley

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    In Florida I've had the best luck generally with the ABC stores or Albertsons whose own brand whisky is regular HH stuff and quite suitable for cocktails.

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    Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    Be sure to eat at The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside. They have an amazing hot sauce. Try it on an oyster poboy. Yum!

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    Re: Stores in the Destin, Fl area ?

    So far a bottle of EWSB 02 from the other Publix liquor on I-98 toward Destin. Imho, very nice. The manager said it didn't sell well here. He is getting another couple sent and at least one more will be in my trunk. Don't know if Booker's at $61 ish is worth a go. I will get a 4Roses from the other store and quit the hunt. 3-4 bottles might be all I can slip under the radar. I will check out the Cafe, walked by it yesterday checking on the kids. Best, Bradley



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