Yall have probably discussed this one before ..... but it's new to me. Picked this up at McScrooge's (site of the infamous liquor store etiquette incident).

Produced by Copper Fox Distillery in VA. non-chill filtered, pot still, no added color. uses toasted applewood, cherrywood, and oak.

This one was tough for me to get my arms around. Initially I expected it to be like some Scottish highland or speyside whisky. Nope. In fact I was initially put off by the VERY strong wood taste. After setting it aside for a while, I revisited it determined to approach it without any preconceived notions of "proper" taste. No doubt this is a strong, woody whisky (hey, they are the ones who are leaving off the 'e', whatever). There is no finesse or subtle background flavors for me, just 'hit ya between the eyes' wood.

I would probably take a flask on a winter hike up in the Smoky Mountains. Cant imagine mixing it with anything. Anyway, my take is Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky is aiming to be a simple, direct 'burn on the way down and warm your toes' whisky. It succeeds at that level for me.

What do you veterans think?

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