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    Re: Do you ever wish bourbon did not contain ethanol?

    Ray, your sentiments mirrored mine when I first started sipping Bourbon. But before discovering Bourbon I drank very little. I don't feel that way any longer.

    The effect and the flavors are both parts of the experience of drinking whiskey. Minimize either and you miss an important part of what makes the product fun.

    A wise man from this forum once told me "Always remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint." You can sprint through flavors but you can't sprint through the effect. It's the effect that requires moderation and gives added value to the flavors.

    I do drink for the taste more than the effect but the effect pulls me back for more. I also hate being drunk but with so many bottles out there like we had in Tallahassee you want to try them all but the effects can be overwhelming. No I didn't try them all but did get more buzzed than had intended.

    The mild effect from ethanol is nice and desirable. Getting drunk is not
    Really Allan, up until that incident with the Ostrich feathers and the riding crop you hardly seemed drunk at all.
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