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    How do you win Best Bourbon at a tasting?

    Quote Originally Posted by fminnick View Post
    Jim, you are referencing the double-blind definition for medical testing. For wine, this is the definition of double-blind: "
    A version of "blind tasting" where wines of different varietals are tasted at the same time. The challenge of "double blind tasting" is to determine the varietal and origin of the wine."

    A more thorough University of California definition explains:…"‘Double blind’ describes tastings in which the evaluator is given no explicit information about the wine at all, and evaluates the wine only on the basis of properties she discerns by perceiving the wine in the glass. ‘Single blind’ generally describes tasting in which the evaluator carries out her evaluation perceptually after being told either (i) a general property about the whole class of wines being evaluated (say, their shared geographic region, or the grape from which they were made), or (ii) the list of producers of the wines to be tasted, but not which producer made each individual wine."http://aardvark.ucsd.edu/perception/blind_tasting.pdf

    We tasted blind by industry standards.
    Fair enough.
    I do think that age and proof of a bourbon can be far more revealing than varietal and origin of a wine. They could just give you the same information for a whiskey: "bourbon, USA," "single malt, Japan," etc.
    This is the problem with revealing age and proof: as I said, the bottle that was the subject in your article is one whose identity one can be reasonably sure of from the information given. There are many others. If you were holding out hope that you were tasting some other wonderful 11+ year, 107 proof wheater that no one had heard of yet, I have to believe that you were guilty of willful suspension of disbelief - which, by the way, I think is FAR better than saying "OK, number 38 is the Pappy. It wins."

    Also, I understand that you're not responsible for setting up the rules and only had to operate with the information given you, so doing your best to not decide which is which based on age and proof was likely the most impartial way for you to proceed.
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