I bought in Toronto a bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select recently, the neck label bears the barrel number and bottling date mentioned above.

It was the only one on the shelf with that data, a few other bottles of JDSB were next to it, with different barrel numbers and bottling dates.

I chose 12-6714 because it was the lightest in color, which of itself means little other than that I usually buy the darkest ones. So just to change it around a bit, I bought the lightest one amongst that group.

The taste is very good, a little sweet, no banana notes (perhaps some kind of fruit other than yellow-skinned fruit in a small way, orange perhaps) and very good-tasting, rounded and even-flowing.

I served it blind to two experienced tasters to see if they could tell the origin or close enough. Both these gents easily picked a bottle of JD Black Label from a group of bourbons a few years ago. One thought it might be a Canadian flavouring whiskey, he thought Masterson's perhaps except there was no pronounced rye note. The other thought it might be one of my own bourbon blends. The name JD never came up and when I showed them the bottle they expressed great surprise.

This particular barrel matured in quite a unique way, even for JDSB (which generally does show the "house" character of JD albeit in specific ways).