While poking about in liquor stores I came across two Sazerac produced Canadian whiskies I had not seen before. Wasn't really looking for Canadian whisky but they were in the middle of all the bourbons and ryes (which were also all mixed together) so hard to avoid!

One was called Caribou Crossing Single Barrel and the other was Royal Canadian. Are these common and I just haven't seen them before or are they something new in the US? I saw a couple of reviews of the Caribou Crossing on whisky advocate and a couple of other blogs but the first time I have noticied them in town.

Canadian 3.jpegCanadian 2.jpegCanadian 1.jpeg

Don't recall the price but the reviews suggested the Caribou (and its fancy package) is the pricier of the two. Kinda has a Rock Hill Farms look to it.