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    Re: For those of us who can't find (or afford) PVW......

    I have had a few tastes of RHF that had some of the same qualities as PVW20, especially a tinge of banana cream pie on the fade.
    I would think a splash of it along with the SB blend could be very close.

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    Re: For those of us who can't find (or afford) PVW......

    Just wanted to add something; I'm flying through the Salt Lake airport, and I walked by a bar I noticed a Pappy bottle. SCRREEEEECH... SO I had to go in. And they actually had THREE different VW's! (12', 15, and 20) I inquired as to the prices and I was fairly surprised when she said they ranged from $15 to $28. The barkeep said that she was told they were one of only three bars in Utah to have VW
    Well, how can it not be McCormick's, the $7 well bourbon of the finest dive bars? Tastes like kerosene and sadness.



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