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    Question on the Old 1889 Royal

    now that we have came to a point of history and origin of this bottle , how do i go about getting something to verify my findings

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    Re: Question on the Old 1889 Royal

    With the understanding, of course, that all you've really got is (educated) guesswork from a bunch of bourbon-brains (oh all right, most of it is from a well-known professional bourbon whiskey journalist, but he's acting here as if he were just one of us regular folks)...

    (1) Cut'n'Paste from the message string into your favorite word processor and print.

    and / or

    (2) Contact Michael Veach, Special Collections Assistant, at the Filson Club Historical Society, 1310 South Third Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40208 and arrange a professional appraisel. That will probably cost you more than the fifty bucks the bottle is worth, but it WILL satisfy the requirements for verification.


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    Re: Question on the Old 1889 Royal

    I go out of town for a few days to enjoy the warm spring weather and I come back to find you spreading nasty rumors about me - I don't do appraisals. Now I appreciate your confidence in my ability and I am more than happy to talk bourbon with anyone who contacts me at the Filson Historical Society (notice I did not say "Club' - they are dropping the "club" after 117 years because they think it sounds too exclusive), but I can not do appraisals. The reason is quite simple - it would be illegal and unethical for me to do so because of my ties with the Filson and the Getz Museum since they are often the organizations that benefit from such appraisals. The best I can do is to tell a person about what a similar bottle brought at the Master Distiller's Auction during the Bourbon Festival, but I warn them that this price could be inflated because the money goes to a good cause.

    Now about the bottle in question here I will have to say that I have never heard of the brand before now and even though I have not waded through all of the postings at the other board, I will say that You and Chuck have told him everything that I could have and probably more about his bottle. You two seem to have done an excellent job on tracking it down (with additional help from Boone I should say even though I have not read all of the postings) and I will give you an A+ on your work.

    Mike Veach

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    Re: Question on the Old 1889 Royal

    "Aw Gee, Mike. T'anksh!", said John, blushingly.




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