I received an interesting email last night and I thought it needed to be shared with all of you as soon as possible.

I've been a follower of yours on Twitter and reader of Sipology for a while. I like your simple, straightforward style and how you don't feel the need to emulate the more successful blogs like Bourbon Blog or Sour Mash Manifesto. I really appreciated your work getting to the bottom of the Old Granddad proof change even though you noticed it months after it had already happened. That is why I am writing to you, with your help and the help of other online bourbon buffs maybe we can stop something similar from happening to another product.

I am a midlevel employee at Buffalo Trace and I have been privy to some discussions that I found upsetting. A decision has been made by the folks at Sazerac to lower the proof of Old Weller Antique from 107 to 90. It will continue to be labeled "Original 107 Brand" for the time being, but that will eventually be dropped too. The price will remain the same or possibly go up.

I voiced my opposition to this and let them know that enthusiasts will be very unhappy with this change and that they will not be willing to pay the same price for a lower proof product. The response I got was "Somebody will pay it. Somebody always pays it." I have contacted you hoping that you can spread the word about this and stop it before it happens. So please post this wherever you can and spread the word about this.
<Name Withheld>
So I'm spreading the word. To your keyboards OWA lovers!