I am (still) intrigued by a lot of the conversation and regard for low cost bourbon. OGD 86/BiB/114, FC103, EWB, AAA, OF Signature, VOB and others. There is much less conversation for labels like Blanton's, RHF, Noah's Mill, Booker's, Bulleit and others which are generally double or even triple the price.

Is the interest in lower cost products primarily based on price, or do you find these bourbons simply superior to their significantly more expensive siblings? Put differently, would you still prefer OGD BiB over RHF if they were the same price?

My personal interest in asking is because I have very little resistance to buying the more expensive products, mainly because I don't drink a large quantity of whisky overall. I have to share it with my wine and beer habits. I really don't care much about the price of a dozen or so regularly open bottles because it might take me six months or more to finish them, so my overall cost to have them readily available is still quite low. But if I was emptying a bottle a week (or more) I could see where being more frugal would be necessary, even if it meant avoiding my "favorites" to achieve more quantity.

Do the OGDs and VOBs of the bourbon world get your attention for their outright superiority or their bang-for-the-buck?